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Centre of Climate and Energy Transformation’s Podcast, CET is located at the Social Sciences faculty at University of Bergen. Panel discussions and conversations between leading researchers.

ClimatenergyTalk! Ep 2 - The Climate Casino: Drilling Down on the Norwegian Climate Change Case

May 29, 2021


Episode 2 of this special three-part series ClimatenergyTalk! ready for download  

The years 2020 and 2021 have shown how the role of scientists is all the more important. CET is excited to share this series of three podcasts on Climate Risk and Democratic Energy Policies. The project aims to communicate to the larger public on the role of science--the social and natural sciences--for depolarizing and democratizing energy policies. The podcast series is part of Klimafestivalen 112-Bergen and is endorsed by Norsk Klimastiftelse and Juridika Innsikt.

The second episode focuses on the economic analyses for expanding the petroleum industry in the Norwegian Arctic, which were one of the objects of controversy in the one and only lawsuit ever filed in climate change matters in Norway, People v Arctic Oil. The government's economic analyses on the expansion of the petroleum industry became controversial as independent experts showed that drilling in the Arctic can be socially unprofitable for the Norwegian society. The Climate Casino: Drilling Down on the Norwegian Climate Change Case, hosting the two expert witnesses in the case, Prof. Mads Greaker and Prof. Knut Einar Rosendahl, who collaborated with lawyers and wrote a landmark report.


Creator and Host: Esmeralda Colombo
Producer: Mainstream AS, Bergen